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FiE Valvetronic Performance Exhaust Systems 

Unleash the sound and power with an FiE Valvetronic Performance Exhaust System


Yeo Luxury is Master Dealer of FiE (Frequency Intelligent Exhaust) performance exhaust for Western Australia.


Vacuum Valves are featured in our valve systems. The negative pressure generated in the intake manifold of the engine board are utilized with vacuum valves and remote control module to open and close the valves as desired.

Control Module is included with all our systems, simply control by remote to set automatic, open and close modes.










 FiE Valvetronic Closed Mode It helps the induction of car exhaust backpressure and increases torque at low rpm.













OPEN mode A free flow exhaust can bring Formula 1 sound and increase more horsepower at high rpm.






AUTO mode This mode will enable automatic open and close of the valves based on each car owner’s individual preferences and driving habits. In this mode, you can set the valve to open and close by detecting various signals, such as boost, depth of gas pedal, rpm, etc.

The performance of exhaust system is a perpetual battle between torque and horsepower. A nice torque output will decrease horsepower, but to maximize horsepower output torque performance will inevitably be sacrificed under low speeds.

FiE has developed a complete set of exhaust valve system to solve the contradictions between horsepower and torque.

Furthermore, you will also enjoy the extreme contrast in sound between the valve changes, from a quiet profile to the signature F1 High Pitch Sound.
You will get unprecedented driving pleasure never felt before, including the horsepower, torque, and Formula 1 sound.