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The ultimate expression of being an INDIVIDUAL.


Yeo Luxury is the Sole Exclusive Australian Distributor for Australia and New Zealand . 


WE invite you to discuss the personalized upgrades we can offer your luxury or exotic car. We provide aftermarket tuning  and upgrades specializing in the modification of high-end automobiles and super cars.

To date, Yeo Luxury has performed extensive modifications on vehicles such as the Lamborghini Aventador, Lamborghini Gallardo, Mercedes Benz AMG range, Ferrari 458, Porsche 911 and other luxury/exotic brands.


The DMC Aventador was featured in numerous photo shoots, videos and social media around the globe. The word around the industry made some extraordinarily flattering comments about the modifications performed saying;


And so it is not without serious consideration that we categorically assert that the DMC upgrade completed on this car offers a more sophisticated and more unique vehicle, with even more stealth, aggressiveness and a more impressive road presence. The DMC Aventador is easily in contention for being the most awesome car we have ever seen. That being said, such a superlative sculpture can only be achieved when you have the best clay to work with.”


DMC is a German designer of exclusive automobiles that redefines luxury tuning & offers individualization options for your car’s interior and exterior designs.

Depending on your individual wishes, services can even be tailor made and hand-crafted for you in Germany. After DMC treated your Lamborghinis or Ferrari, it will be more prestigious, far beyond what the beautiful original was.
DMC’s German founders always had a passion for luxury cars and their special flair. They spent many years in the industry and feel a personal responsibility towards automobile values such as tradition, craftsmanship and well-engineered technology.

DMC uses these values to constantly improve its knowledge about noble automobiles and to design a German Manufacturer of highest standards. Using highly intelligent engineering and finest materials shows DMC leading quality.

The base of our technological expertise combines aerodynamic carbon fiber body kits that stand out with their dynamic design yet keep original values.

Carbon Fiber may be DMC’s favorite material, finding its way into many of the company’s noble creations: Dash boards, middle consoles and all kind of trims won’t disappoint lovers of this material.


Further limited editions of DMC, iPE/FiE Performance Exhaust, ADV.1 wheels and other upgrades round off the luxurious portfolio of the Perth’s best customizing company for European Luxury cars and Super Exotics.


Yeo Luxury transforms the already exclusive vehicles into one-of-a-kind automobiles.