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 Yeo Luxury is the Master Dealer of ADV.1 Wheels in Western Australia. 

We cater to the smallest part of the market, the high end enthusiast. This is who we are, it’s what we’re passionate about and it’s all we know. Rather than cater to a wider range of the market, we prefer this tiny corner where we can deal with customers who speak our language and who feel the same way we do about this. 

It’s not necessarily about the vehicles our customers drive, more about who they are and what they want. Our customers are spread throughout the world, and own any type of vehicles you can imagine from VW’s to Enzo’s & everything in between. All are treated the same because if they’re an ADV.1 customer they share the same passion as we do and that’s all that matters. Our wheels are for those few who can appreciate the details, the materials, the finishes and the fitment. To most these details go unnoticed and that’s fine, it’s not intended for most to notice, only the few who see what we see in design.

Our wheel designs are carefully thought out and meticulously engineered in order to ensure every detail is exactly how it was envisioned. The designs evolve over time as we produce & analyze more and more finished products in order to notate and revise areas that we see can be improved. We design 3 dimensionally, while typically wheel design is only as detailed as a template will allow, instead we design the template around the wheel style and profiles that we want in order to get the exact look desired. Again, from a business perspective not very efficient however we’re not trying to be efficient in design. The best way to describe our method would be to simply say that each and every set produced is an entirely new design based on the vehicle, wheel style chosen, sizes requested and profile choice. Based on these factors we’ll engineer the wheel specifically for this one individual order so that we ensure that every set released is as good looking as it possibly can be for that exact application in those exact specifications otherwise we simply will not produce the order as we’d rather not have the sale than have a bad looking set of ADV.1’s on the street.

1. Hand drawn initial concepts
2. Photoshop mock ups
3. 2d cad layout
4. 3d proofing and revision process
5. test sample programming / machining
6. physical design evaluation / revisions
7. independent testing
8. vehicle installation evaluation
9. final production


The process can take weeks, sometimes months, sometimes it never even materializes. For each of our 10 designs offered today in each of their 5 individual forging configurations, was hundreds of hours of design, engineering and testing before each of their 50 individual releases. It’s a never ending process which is constantly evolving over time, our wheels styles slowly change as more and more are produced due to continuous tweaking and modification in search of perfection.