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About Our Founder


The Yeo family is a well known enthusiast in Asia, owned no less than 300 cars in the past few decades. As such Yeo grew up surrounded by cars, knowing/understanding & appreciating the beautiful machines since a young age. As Yeo starts to grow, the love for cars has also grew into a PASSION.


Yeo starts to be more involved with all types of cars; modern exotic/luxury cars, super-cars, race cars and even the old classic that has had beautiful body lines that is hard to replicate in modern world. Today, Yeo even participates in International Racing Series in Asia Pacific as a Racing Driver.


It is with KNOWLEDGE and PASSION that lead to the creation of YEO LUXURY


It is our goal to create a new spark to both the International & Australia Automotive world, to provide something SPECIAL. And all our clients can be assured that we know what they deserve and able to offer them the best option, as the same as our philosophy that we work with Only The Best.